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Default Re: [DF] Backstabber powerup from DF11

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post

I don't understand why they didn't list it as being bought up from Stealth-5 (default) to Stealth+4 (With Backstabber 3). The way it's written seems wrong.
Because Stealth+4 implies that you might sometimes roll vs. Stealth+4. You never do. Most utility techniques that remove penalties are normed to the maximum penalty they can erase, not to some midpoint value, to avoid any confusion about whether you ever get a net bonus out of buying up the technique. This is also why, say, Close Combat (Two-Handed Sword) defaults to Two-handed Sword-8, even though a bokken or jo is Reach 1 and only ever has -4. If we said it ranged from -4 to +4 instead of -8 to 0, then somebody somewhere would interpret that as letting a bokken or jo strike at +4 in close combat . . .
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