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Default Re: [DF] Backstabber powerup from DF11

Originally Posted by umbros View Post
The Backstabber powerup contains a Hard technique called "Disappear", The first level of Backstabber gives you 6 pts in this technique for Stealth -5. So this technique must default to Stealth -10. So far so good. But the descriptive text says that the Basic Penalty (DF 2 p11) of -5 to Stealth to disappear is negated for someone with the first level. So "Disappear" should be Stealth -0. Is this errata, or am I missing something?
You're missing that -10 +5 = -5

The FIRST -5 of the penalty implies that there's more penalty. That's the -5 for ANYWHERE but brush or shadowy tunnels, or encumberance, or being surprised, etc etc. It's almost always at least -10 (because in brush or shadowy areas the PCs often get surprised instead of do the surprising, and you can't buy up the technique to cover the situational modifiers.
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