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Default Re: limitations on attributes

Don't overcomplicate it.
"Characters" and "Powers" offer you very straightforward RAW guidelines to build just what you want.

"Only during the day/night" is a -20% Accessibility, so +1 to ST/DX/IQ/HT during the day/night only is a 48 points advantage or a -12 points disadvantage.

"Only during full moon" or "Only during new moon" is a -40% Accessibility, likewise +1 to all attributes is a 36 points advantage or a -24 points disadvantage.

Just compute each trait individually.
So, if your character has all Basic Attributes at 10, it would get all 11's during the night and 12's during full moon nights(84 points), or if built as a disadvantage, if your character has all Basic attributes at 12, all 11's outside of full moon nights and all 10's during daytime(-36 points)

If you still want the -1 During the new moon effect, this would, points-wise neutralize itself with the +1 during Full moon effect, so you'd ultimately get a 48 points advantage/ -12 points disadvantage (+1 to all attributes at night, an extra+1 during full moons, added -1/unmodified during new moons)
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