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Default Re: Practical Mapmaking

For mapping at labyrinth scale (what I'm more used to calling melee or combat scale) I use standard graph paper -- that just ends a lot of headaches. Each square on the map corresponds to one tile in my homemade tile kit. Each tile has hexes on it, equivalent to a "square megahex", and the tiles tesselate so the hexgrid continues from tile to tile when they are joined at right angles, top to bottom or side to side. Any maze I can draw on graph paper can be laid out as tiles on the table in just seconds.

For large regions, I've used a large piece of hex paper scaled to one day's travel per hex (depending on terrain). A counter labeled "The Party" moves on the map, with encounters or side adventures planned for and triggered when they enter certain hexes.

Once for a large battle (the siege of one of our city-states) we used a large piece of hex paper at I think 100 yards per hex. Counters represented army units and we borrowed the combat rules from another wargame.
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