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Default Re: Maximum Attributes for Real World People

Originally Posted by Gollum View Post
It has been discussed over and over in many threads ... But no matter, let's see the arguments again ...

Is Hafthor Bjornsson a ST 20 character in GURPS terms? ST 20 = BL 80 = can lift 640 lbs over his head dozens of times without the least hour of training and without the least extra effort.

So, the answer is no, even if he is very strong, he isn't as strong than that.

St 19? 577,6 lbs over his head without effort nor training. ST 18? 518,4 lbs ... And so on ...

So, Mr Hafthor Bjornsson is strong, yes. Very strong. But ST 15, the good skills, and extra effort may be enough for what he does. Because he is very well trained and makes a lot of efforts for his feats.
Also BL is lifting something over your head in one hand in one second.

If you watch him setting the world record (1,041 lb) for the Elephant Bar deadlift you will see he is using two hands, takes it only to his waist, and takes about 4-5 seconds to do it ( 1:16-1:21).

Per B353 a One-Handed Lift is 2xBL (Light Encumbrance) and takes two seconds while a Two-Handed Lift is 8xBL and takes four seconds with no training. So we have Weight*5/8 or 650.625.

But Lifting gives +5% per amount the roll succeeded so just a 1 point success margin reduces a ~ST 25 to ST 24 and a 10 point margin gets you down to ST 20.

That is ignoring the extra effort which is a will roll and gives +5% to ST itself for each -1 to the Will roll so the (ST*ST)/5 formula becomes (ST*1.05*ST*1.05)/5 or (ST*ST)*1.1025/5 which gets the ST 20 down to 18 and a -2 to will gets 16.5 and -3 get us down to ST 15.1.

As you can see the way skills and attributes interact makes things get complicated in a hurry.
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