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Default Re: Mod idea: a bit more Tolkien-y

Hum, what do you mean with false? I am not mentioning everything about that ring. For what I said I refer to lines like these in the Unfinished Tales:

"He may be assumed to have learned much about the palantíri of Gondor, though with less immediate appreciation of their possible significance than that shown by Saruman, whose mind was in contrast to Gandalf's always more attracted by artefacts and instruments of power than by persons." (from The Palantíri).

"For they deemed him (though in error, as has been said) to be of Elven-kind, since he would at times works wonders among them, loving especially the beauty of fire; and yet such marvels he wrought mostly for mirth and delight, and desired not that any should hold him in awe or take his counsels out of fear." (from The Istari).

What you quote also brings the theme of fire with this ring; note that it don't seems to be exclusively for strengthening the spirit.
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