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Default Re: GURPS Powers: Divine Favor

On the point of sacrifices and Divine Favor, consider taking the Sacrifice Bonuses from Thaumatology p.246 and applying them to Divine Favor's Activation roll. Indeed, an enterprising GM who wants to blur the line between Divine Favor and magic could perhaps apply the Significant Dates modifiers that immediately follow the aforementioned Sacrifice Bonuses; likewise, it might be possible to adapt the Sanctity rules from Thaumatology for use with Divine Favor.

On the point of "realistic" druids: I'm not sure that I'd want a supplement dedicated entirely to them. What I would like to see would be a Thaumatology supplement dedicated to Path/Book Magical Styles, with various historical religious/spiritual/magical belief systems getting write-ups: in essence, something that is to magical belief systems as Martial Arts is to fighting styles. In terms of a Powers supplement that deals with druids, the closest that I'd want to get to that would be a supplement that is to the Nature power source/modifier as Psionic Powers is to the Psionic power source/modifier. Historical druid-based material could be incorporated to add depth and keep it from being too much of a walking stereotype; but I'd want the core idea to remain centered around the Nature power source as outlined in Powers.
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