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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Det. Dean (much put upon head of metahuman investigations) -- An invisible meta? Is that possible.

Gateway: Haven't seen one.

Sleazy Producer: What about our last musicial, Silence!

Gateway: Hadn't heard of it.

Fitzhugh, PrimaTech Security Team -- I've fought psionic cockroaches, a bipolar chimp with illusion powers, a robotic Roman, and, oh yes, Woe-dents. But you're telling me this dandelion seed is a threat?

Gateway: It blew in when the desolid cannibal tried escaped thru my teleportation gate and accidentally shifted it to parallel dimension.

Fitzhugh: Alright then. Not a dandelion seed. Got it.

MetalFella (child of a mad scientist): Well, we're not going to find out what the seed does unless we plant it.

Gateway: See! See! Nobody reads the comics.

[Eventually, they autoclaved it.]
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