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I ran a 1 hour Death Test foray at lunch today with three co-workers. We completed the first room (spiders!) and had to stop on the second. Some questions came up.

1. One of the figures got into hand-to-hand combat with a bear. He died. However, in the process of dying (HTH with bear, above) he wished to fight defensively. I said yes at the time because we were in the middle of it and, why not? (He died anyway!) Is this legal? Can you fight defensively in HTH?

1.a. Follow up to 1, above. If a figure and a bear are in HTH, do the other figures get +4 to hit the bear? +2? Anything?

2. If your MA is 7, how many hexes can you move and still attack? I think it's 3, and we played it that way. This is really a question about rounding, I suppose. Do we always round down?

3. What happens when a bear (or giant snake, or a slime, etc.) rolls an 18? Does it break a claw? How does an animal/monster drop and/or break its weapon if it's not carrying a weapon?

Thanks! Love this game. :)
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