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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Green Slimes are invulnerable to anything a Melee fighter can do. You need the ITL rules to deal with it. (Note the common sword and torch configuration in the ITL illustrations.)

A typical giant is only worth one and a half starting human fighters while a 4-hex dragon is worth three human fighters.

Therefore the dragon and slime team (how exactly is a slime part of a party?) had a huge firepower advantage.
Note that the giant side also had a ST 20 gargoyle. So, it was 2 fighters plus a 4 hex dragon plus a nuisance creature vs. 2 fighters plus a ST 30 giant plus a ST 20 gargoyle. That must come somewhat closer to even in your gonkulations.
Anyway, this is one of those situations where I'm more interested in figuring things out at the table than in the rule book or firepower calculation. Actually, that's how I feel about all matchups in this game.

The fact that a slime can't be hurt under normal arena combat situations is what makes it interesting; how do you deal with a threat like that? It's easily avoided when you don't have a distraction. But what about when you do? And, there is no rule that says it is immune to push back or forced retreat, so it is possible to force it into one of the many pits on the map (though of course it could climb back out eventually...).
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