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Default Re: Conversation Rate of G$ To Real World Dollars

All the stuff about modeling retirement, independent income, etc.
Ok, I'm not communicating well, here.

My point was not that retirement couldn't be modeled with some GURPS advantages. And in fact- ahem- that is what I explicitly said, that it could be modeled with advantages. Clearly that's why Independent Income exists.

My point was that GURPS does not innately model complex economies well. For instance, does GURPS income at higher TLs assume saving for retirement? What if a PC declares "I stop putting money into my IRA!"- what happens? Does his effective income go up? Or if you declare that you are saving for retirement do you lower the income? What about in more socialist systems with higher taxes; is income lower since it is assumed to be post-tax income by some other posters? Then what advantage covers universal healthcare such as the NHS and other benefits? Etc.

All I was saying is that the default GURPS economy seems to be rather basic and simple, like a medieval one. You have X money, and stuff costs Y. In such a setting it is easy to understand. Heck, for any reasonable modern day campaign it's just fine, as well- you just assume that the NHS is a part of the setting or whatever. It's a game, after all. Just wave your hands and move on. But it is medieval- it isn't really a very good model of modern individual economics. All easy enough to handwave, but let's not delude ourselves into claiming that it's a good model for modern life. Some of you are starting to sound a bit shrill: "Nuh-uh, GURPS can do anything!"

Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
Yes; it was invented in 1972 for the ISO 646 extensions to ASCII. That said, since it explicitly means "a currency of some sort" as opposed to "one specific currency", I don't think it's appropriate here.
Whereas I would argue that this makes it especially appropriate. GURPS is "generic", so "a currency of some sort" is perfect.

And it may not be on your keyboard, but I'll bet you that you can find it under the symbols drop-down in any modern word processor. It's in mine (obviously) as well as under emojis & symbols in Safari. And this forum software recognized and rendered it without issue.

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