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In Primordial-1, entities analogous to the Primordial entities of the most ancient mythologies rule a complex skerry that consists of over a dozen interconnecting Earths. Primordial-1a is ruled by the analogy of Gaia and is the only part of the skerry that Infinity and Centrum can access because it is a Q7 timeline. Each further Earth is ruled by a separate Primordial, though the Primordials maintain gate networks that connected the Earths of the skerry together for mortal communication, trade, and travel.

Due to Cabal interference, Gaia changed the rules of magic on her Earth a decade ago, removing mana and replacing it with spiritual essence. Standard magic spells fail as if within a no mana world while Path/Book magic and spiritual magic functions without any issues. Since then, the Cabal has been terrified of the Primordials because it does not know the limit of their powers.
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