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Growing potatoes in sacks, I've seen this several places, Dame Whina Cooper making mention of it is the earliest I can recall coming across it.
It came to mind after I recently read about a charity providing ready made kits for local school kids that they could hang off walls. I've also grown tomatoes in a similar manner before, hanging them off the washing line.

Other things that I forgot to mention.
- the plastic polyhouses would be double glazed to maintain a warm growing environment. While long tube shaped tunnels is the simplest way to construct a polyhouse, the eden project in the UK is a multiple geodesic dome shaped example.
- My main assumption with the light was that it didn't create a shadow where the potatoes where growing beneath the edges of the platform.
That's correct. The light comes from above, at these altitudes. Lower down, it comes from the emitter algae.
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