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Default Re: Jobs and critical success/failure

Some further thoughts:

Getting a 3 or an 18 either one is a 1-in-216 result on 3d6. So, 2-in-216 (1 in 108) to get either one. Your character could easily work all 52 weeks in a year without getting one.

The jobs with 4/17 or 5/16 risk chances are going to be MUCH more likely to hit those results.

I think it would be beneficial to have a rough plan for how much in-town stuff versus how much wilderness stuff the group is going to do, before the campaign starts. This is really one of those things you should discuss as a table.

For example, you might say that the PCs can go on one wilderness adventure (up to a week) and maybe a couple short town adventures (single day) per season in the spring, summer, and autumn. Deal with being fired and job-hunting as desired. During the winter, wilderness adventure is not really possible. This is the time for PCs to save up their pennies or work on magical research projects or the like. Mercenaries might be literally out of work (you can't go on campaign when there's two or three feet of snow everywhere) and have to take a pay cut doing something else. Or just sit around the guildhall and drink.
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