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Default Re: Spirits Hearing Their Own Name

Originally Posted by Christopher R. Rice View Post
It's a perk level Detect (see the Ghost template in GURPS Horror, p. 78 if you need a RAW example). If you're adding modifiers too it (and you likely should) it'll be worth a few points at most.
Ah, I missed that there. I should probably just use Horror templates, I guess!

I think that I would run this so that the spirit can automatically know where the name was invoked, but it would have to be "ritually invoked", with intention that the spirit hears it rather than just any random utterance of the sound. There are some other useful abilities in the entry in Horror, I see.

I created this for my own campaign (thought I may have modified it from another source, I can't remember anymore):

Name Invocation
You have a name by which you are known or that others know you as. When this name is said aloud by another sentient being (IQ 6+), you hear it automatically. With a Perception roll you can attempt to locate that person. Success indicates the location of the person that spoke your name and you may follow up with further Malediction-like abilities or spells. Failure means you get nothing, while a critical failure results in a “blind spot” – you can never “hear” that person speaking your name. Critical success allows you to buy the Super-Sympathy perk for the person who spoke your name if you wish. Use the following modifiers for your Perception roll:

Modifiers: -15 if your name was whispered; -10 if used casually or whispered with powerful emotion; -5 if the name was used with powerful emotion; -1 if your name was ritually invoked or spoken through a specific rhyme or verse. Add any levels of Acute Sense (Name Invocation) to your role. You may also add the higher of your ESP, Magery, or Telepathy Talent.
That seems like a useful way to do things too.
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