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Default Re: Phasing for falling down/standing up

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
If you stand up during the COMBAT phase of your turn, the person who knocked you down will get a +4 swing at you, which is bloody but probably not wrong. Is this what was being suggested earlier? What issues does it have?
Stand up during the combat phase of the NEXT turn is what the AM rules say (and Skarg has pointed out):
Originally Posted by Reactions to Injury
A figure which takes 8 or more hits in one turn IMMEDIATELY falls down. If it has not already attacked, it may not attack that turn. It may do nothing NEXT turn except stand up (or stay down).
Originally Posted by Crawling, Kneeling, and Lying Prone
A figure that falls assumes the prone position involuntarily and may do NOTHING next turn except (either) stand up or crawl, or attempt a spell.
The current AM rules give +4 DX to people slower than the attacker and no advantage to people who are faster than the attacker but slower than the victim (if the victim is faster than the attacker).

What about just making it +4 DX to hit someone who STARTED MOVEMENT PRONE? That gives every attacker a +4 and slower people won't get a +4 on the same turn someone fell down.

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