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Default Re: Phasing for falling down/standing up

I can see your idea would be cleaner. But being knocked down is already pretty nasty, and more or less a recipe for a fatality. Hardly anyone gets up from it. Do you really want to make it worse?

I wonder if there's ways to make it not quite as bad. For instance, maybe any time someone gets hit they have the option to demand they be retreated straight back, as though they'd been forced to retreat. Maybe when I get knocked down I can choose to be knocked back a hex as well so others can fill the line in front of me. Maybe I don't give away the +4 until the end of the turn. And other enemies might want to advance after into the gap, if they weren't pinned. This idea would need a lot of work to clean it up to publishable quality. But I think it's worth thinking of ways to make knockdowns less fatal.
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