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Default Re: The best of the US conventions?

Originally Posted by lachimba View Post
A convention on either coast may in the end be more attractive just because its closer to the tourist things I will have scheduled.
You may also look at some alternate airports that don't just hit the coast.

Chicago is a big one, and there are some great conventions there. Houston Intercontinental and DFW are also good ports of entry.
So is Atlanta, GA, and Denver, Colorado ain't bad.
Minneapolis is a Delta hub, only an hour's flight time from Chicago, but you'll probably have better luck with either Chicago or Atlanta there.

The coasts are also excellent, of course. LA, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle/Tacoma are great ports of call coming from the west. Looking around, mostly things bounce through LA, SFX, and DFW in a quickie search, and THEN hit the midwest. Not surprising, I guess.
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