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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Tapestry Golem:
Tapestry Golems are flexible, animated lengths of fabric perfect for guarding entraces you don't want to stick a big obvious statue next to. Tapestry Golems appear as rugs, carpets, bed handings, and other upholstry until the moment they strike. Tapestry Golems are homogenous and completely immune to crushing damage (but not knockback), and have a constriction attack. Tapestry golems no longer look nearly as fine once they've been through a battle or two, but who will suspect the curtain? The theif is already worried about what's BEHIND the curtain...
A related construct
The sack Golem
This patient construct usually just waits, balled up in a corner near some treasure. Once someone picks it up it will wait for an opportunity to engulf and strangle it's prey.

The main problem with dealing with a sack golem that has wrapped itself around someones head and upper body is blow through. . .
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