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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!

There are entire sites devoted to photoshopped hybrid animals, some are quite well done, and others are frightening because of the animals they're made from. Hybridize anything with top tier predators, and you have dangerous weird things.

Speaking of hybrid photoshops:
Originally Posted by Rasputin View Post
Vroat: a cross between a giant toad and a crocodile, they jump and bite with their big jaws.
A Vroat?

A monster I never got around to using when I was a DM was the AD&D Oriental Adventures version of a goblin spider: just a giant spider that was able to mimic human speech like a parrot. So most of what is says are "Aaah! It's eating me!" "Save yourselves!" "It's a giant spider!" "Hello, are you trying to communicate?" "I think we're safe now." And despite all the spider webs, and even the spider yelling about a giant spider, the players would still have to make fear checks as the spider attacks them, screaming like a human being killed by a giant spider. Hilarity might ensue if players think it's intelligent and aren't 100% murder-hobos.

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