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Default Re: [Magic] Enchanting and Failures

Originally Posted by scc View Post
OK, the Enchanting rules in Magic take it as a matter of faith that failing an Enchanting role is bad, like combat bad, meaning you don't get that nice +4 bonus for non-dangerous circumstances, but I have to wonder if that applies per RAW.

Enchanting fails on a 16, and crit fails on 17-18, which is remarkably close to the odds for normal crafting, which are just the normal 17 fail, 18 crit fail, and the consequences for failing at Enchanting are pretty tame, actually BETTER then the normal crafting rules (LTC3:24) if using Q&D which is a functional magic item, either quirked or not what you wanted, and S&S you lose the item being Enchanted along with any extra materials, in either case crit fail means the item and any materials are gone (Personally I think the ordinary failure conditions are backwards, but that's RAW). Note that under no circumstances do you roll on the Magic Failure table.
I could if I wanted to. That the enchanted item is always ruined does not mean that a critical failure can't have other effects.
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