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OK, the Enchanting rules in Magic take it as a matter of faith that failing an Enchanting role is bad, like combat bad, meaning you don't get that nice +4 bonus for non-dangerous circumstances, but I have to wonder if that applies per RAW.
Assuming this is what I think it is about, and you are just wanting to claim a +4 bonus for enchanting something in a non-combat situation, then no RAW that bonus does not exist. This is true of any rule written for situations that basically never happen under life threatening conditions - you don't get a +4 for making all Research or inventing or non-combat influence rolls - though there is some disagreement about job rolls. That +4 is a patch for pure combat skills imposed to make tournament or recreational shooting results better match reality that's somehow gotten generalized, it's not intended for rules that weren't written with a risk of death in mind.

If you really insisted, you could impose a -4 to the "normal" difficulty of all those tasks and claim the offsetting +4 almost all the time, but generally it makes more sense to write rules for the normal conditions you use the skill under - and [impose a penalty | give a bonus] for the rare case you would be using them [under stress | in perfectly safe conditions], and that's how most of the rules were originally written.
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