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Default Re: New Reality Seeds

Try this idea, give Kara Mustafa Pasha a younger brother who is both a talented millitary man (nothing incredible, just a throughly credible Ottoman millitary man) and has his bother's ear and the ability to get him to see things his way on millitary tactics and the like. The main reason Kara Mustafa Pasha failed to take Vienna was his amazing millitary imcompetence and his inability to listen to skilled commanders. with the addition of this younger brother Vienna falls and the Polish and Bavarrian armies are stoped at key river fords.

Move ahead fourty-five years, the Ottoman state controlls most of southern Germany and has a border with France. Italy is also under Ottoman rule and the Pope lives in Barcelona. However, European technology is still moving forward, the English, French, and Dutch, all can trade with the Far East more cheaply by sailing around Africa. The ecconomic base of the Ottoman state is fading away.

Meanwhile, the Trukish invasion of Germany has caused a massive upsurge in the numbers of Germans settling in the King of England's American realms. The population is already about three million people (in our history that number wasn't achieved until seventy years later). The American colonies are as much a place of self-government and religious freedom in this world as in ours, which attracts the attention of the Sublime Porte. This leads the Sultan to ask, "If a new Christian power grows up in the west, how will we ever complete the conquest of the world for Islam?"

Thus you have a cold/hot war setting Swashers and Arabian Nights mixture with frequient trips to the Carribean and the American colonies with trukish pirates trying to size up the Americas and perhaps attack them if they can. Complex multipolar politics would be slid into this.
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