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Default Re: New Reality Seeds

Further thoughts on the Chambord as King of France setting. WWI is much less traumatic and disruptive as well as being much shorter. America is never involved in the struggle. Thus the delegitimation of the old order never occurs in Europe while, absent the Palmerson raids or the drive to promote American entry into the War, Socialism and Social-Democratic ideas continue to flourish. Wilson's ill health isn't ignored and he's made to resign soon after his second election.

Thus you have an America which is the great magnet pulling all the progressives out of Europe. Europe 1920 is, except for the technology and the cultural changes in Britain, more like Europe 1890 than not. Monarchies go blithely on, imperialism is unquestioned, and France is given as the reason one votes Conservative. America is politely ignored (or cursed under the breath) and the Whole masquerade goes on.
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