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Default Re: Approaching TL9?

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
Besides if we go with the above literally "In terms of standard GURPS Tech Levels, World War II is late TL6. Internal combustion, heavier-than-air flight, electrical power, and radio are in regular use; experimental devices such as computers, rockets, and atomic bombs foreshadow TL7." (GURPS Weird War II 16) There are TL(6+1) innovations listed (Lifting Bodies, Wheelform Vehicles, Y-Wing Rotors, Arm Transmission, Vectored Thrust) and then there is also the stuff that didn't work (Project Saucer aka BMW Flügelrad V-3) or was still on the design board (VLTL Interceptor aka Focke-Wulf Triebflügel)
Using a 3e source isn't really very convincing.

Spaceships calls Light Alloy a TL7 armour, and has this to say about it: "This is armor made of aerospace-grade aluminum or titanium alloys.", which makes the use of such alloys for aircraft in WWII the use of a TL7 technology, so if we're just throwing quotes from random books around, that's one from a 4e source.
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