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Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
Chris, yes, clever...

To my mind, anyway, those are all extra reasons to not let Aid ST convert injury into fatigue like that.

We always played that Aid ST would at best keep someone alive who'd otherwise be dead, for two turns - it increases your ST, but doesn't heal nor soak any wounds at all. So it's of pretty limited use, but could be used to buy time to drink a healing potion or cast a final spell or do or say something else useful.
Fortunately (or not, depending on your point of view) this is all dependent on a 3/DX roll.

But the point of Aided ST is to be able to be used as ST. It's most commonly used to funnel a lot of ST into one caster so that they can cast a spell requiring more ST than one person typically has, but it's for sure additional ST. Someone aided to 100 ST over their base ST can cast a spell costing 100 ST, and it comes out of the aided ST; why not the same for wounds? (If you want to, as a GM you can specify that this only works when Aided ST is above the figure's natural ST value, but even so it still works as a buff for fighters...)

The new death rules in the new ITL make it even less useful for that, since it's now allowed to physick and pour healing potions into recently-dead people to recover them before really dead.
For the most part, those are straight out of original Advanced Melee. They've been modified slightly, and adding physicking is definitely new (but also seems to have been a common house rule). New ITL also makes a distinction between "mostly dead" and "dead dead" (below -5 ST) and limits the less effective methods to the "mostly dead" state.
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