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Default Re: Misc. Spell questions

A question about Drop Weapon and Break Weapon spells. These differ from rolling a 17 and 18 in that the target does not loose an action. But shouldn't he?

For example, a fighter is about to strike a wizard. The wizard with a higher DX uses his action to cast Drop Weapon. Now during the same turn, the fighter uses his action to pick up the dropped weapon. By end of turn, they are exactly where they started off. For the ST fatigue all the wizard did was buy one turn delay in getting hit.

On the other hand, no spell is cast, and if the fighter happened to roll a 17 not only has he dropped his weapon, he consumed his action that turn doing so. Next turn he will need to pick it up (not this turn).

So, I am suggesting that Drop Weapon and Break Weapon spells not only have the stated affect, but also cause the target to loose his next combat action.

Just checking to see if anyone agrees with this or is it going to far.

-kind regards
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