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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Are all Thrown Spells under the unstackable limitation? How about Aid? What happens if you're under two hostile Averts?
It depends on the nature of the spell, I think, not that it's a Thrown spell.

That is, I don't think it's necessarily that you (and/or others) can't cast the same spell on someone more than once - the issue is that some spells have an effect which, once achieved, isn't really changed by having it cast more than once. But it would give the subject two sources for that effect. It seems to me there's an understandable logical principle which can be applied to most spells. e.g.:

If you're blurred, another blur spell doesn't make the effect of being blurred any greater.

If you're already dazzled, more dazzle doesn't increase what being dazzled means.

If you already have stone flesh, another stone flesh doesn't create a new Uber Stone Flesh effect - you just have another thing causing you to have normal stone flesh.

Shock Shield might logically be thought to be something you could stack, so it's nice that's called out. It would of course be super-deadly. Though, you can have multiple people and cast shock shield on each of them and have them jump in the same HTH combat hex - but they'll shock each other too.

However I'm confident that Aid is intended to be fully stackable (although Aid can be extremely powerful once players think about it enough).

Two hostile Avert spells is an interesting question which I think got a Q&A back in the day, the upshot of which was the subject needs to do its best to try to fulfill the requirements of all Avert spells, and it can't move closer to any of the casters who have an Avert on it.

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
And what happens when a wizard casts a range zero Megahex Avert to get all the people in his face to just back off?
Yes. It's like you cast Avert on each of them, but just have one spell to maintain.

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
My suggestion is to generalize Add not multiply to: The continuing effect (other than damage) of any spell is replaced when a figure comes under the effect of a second casting of exactly the same type of spell with the following exceptions and modifications:

Blur, Dazzle, Shadow, Invisibility and all other vision impairments operate independently, but only the worst modifier applies.

Any number of Slow Movement and Speed Movement can be cast on the same figure add the total duration of each type together and while a figure is under the effect of both types their movement is normal until one of the effects wears off.

Any number of Aid spells can take effect on the same figure at the same time, but only the highest current level of each of Clumsiness and Confusion applies.

One multi-hex non-living creation such as shadow, fire or wall can cut through another. Shadow hides whatever is inside it while wall puts out fire. (Only matters if the wall is itself destroyed later.)

Any number of Rope spells operate independently against a figure.

Stone Flesh and Iron Flesh each cancel the previous spell out on the same figure.
That mostly sounds exactly as intended, except:

* The Clumsiness/Confusion I think is supposed to stack, but I think those powerful spells would be well to have that limit, and I'd like to be wrong.

* I think each Stone Flesh or Iron Flesh spell doesn't cancel anything, but instead they all can co-exist but only the strongest one has an effect. However it's interesting if you could reduce someone's Iron Flesh protection by casting Stone Flesh on them... if so, it'd almost make you want "Padded Flesh" or "Normal Flesh"... though you'd tend to do better with Remove Thrown Spell.

One I was wondering about reading the new Wizard was if it said you could cast Slippery Floor on your own hex and specify not your own hex, or not. Seems to me you could always opt out of some hexes the way we played, but I don't see that mentioned in the new Wizard. (Maybe that's just a GURPS Magic thing?)
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