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Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
I'm not sure where you get the idea of casting Avert on yourself and that making you immune to hostile Averts. I would say that Avert can't be cast on yourself, though I don't mind your idea as a clever trick.
Are all Thrown Spells under the unstackable limitation? How about Aid? What happens if you're under two hostile Averts?

Originally Posted by Wizards rulebook p13
Only one Blur, one Dazzle, one Stone Flesh, one Shock Shield, etc., can be cast on any given figure at a time. These spells are not cumulative.
And what happens when a wizard casts a range zero Megahex Avert to get all the people in his face to just back off?

---- Adding:

My suggestion is to generalize Add not multiply to: The continuing effect (other than damage) of any spell is replaced when a figure comes under the effect of a second casting of exactly the same type of spell with the following exceptions and modifications:

Blur, Dazzle, Shadow, Invisibility and all other vision impairments operate independently, but only the worst modifier applies.

Any number of Slow Movement and Speed Movement can be cast on the same figure add the total duration of each type together and while a figure is under the effect of both types their movement is normal until one of the effects wears off.

Any number of Aid spells can take effect on the same figure at the same time, but only the highest current level of each of Clumsiness and Confusion applies.

One multi-hex non-living creation such as shadow, fire or wall can cut through another. Shadow hides whatever is inside it while wall puts out fire. (Only matters if the wall is itself destroyed later.)

Any number of Rope spells operate independently against a figure.

Stone Flesh and Iron Flesh each cancel the previous spell out on the same figure.

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