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Default Re: One Last Shot missile attack

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
I don't think you should be forced to drop a missile weapon after your last shot.

It's a separate issue, but I also don't think you should be forced to fall to the ground and drop weapons other than a dagger in HTH. But perhaps that's a discussion for another day and another thread!
My understanding of what HTH is in TFT *is* going to the ground! Otherwise it is just one-hex away fighting, whether dagger or fisticuffs or great sword.

I will say that some fighting systems seek to close and throw to the ground, and even inadvertently many fights end up there rather quickly. Boxing matches often show this, as when they tie up they have to be separated by the ref, or it becomes wrestling!

And if you have seen many high school fights, it's often one-two and down to the ground.
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