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Default Re: The Immovable Foundation-Stone on which TFT Characters are Built

Originally Posted by Jim Kane View Post
No my friend Ty, I think you might want to go over the thing again, and see that adding an attribute as you describe as Power would have to come from a bifurcation of the ST stat as stated in the original Melee premise AND violate the Commutative Laws; and as stated: "The Commutative Laws of Mathematics DO NOT work for either subtraction nor division."

That's not me speaking, that is Arithmetic Law speaking.

The difference is when SJ added IQ it wasn't in anyway related to ST or DX, that is why it worked. Your Power stat would have to come from ST, and ST already exists in the original premise' so you would have to bifurcate ST to create Power; if you bifurcate, then you violate the original premise. SJ did not bifurcate anything - it was a clean add.

71. That is not the solution to Conan-the-Scholar. Go back to the OP (1), or flee (142). A little Death Test humor for you LOL!
For these Laws to be applicable, isn't it necessary that ST and DX be equally valuable, as posited in Melee? And that IQ has exactly the same value as ST and DX, as posited in Wizard? (Or, that the costs assigned to each attribute in Melee and Wizard are accurate?)

If so, then the laws are likely inapplicable, for two reasons.

First, a strong argument can be made that for heroes, DX is more useful than ST, up to a certain point. 2 additional points of ST will allow you to take 2 additional points of damage - once. 2 additional points of DX will allow you to take leather armor, which allows you to take 2 additional points of damage in every attack.

Of course, ST does govern the size weapon you can use. But I'd have a hard time agreeing that 2 additional points of damage done offsets the advantage of wearing leather armor.

Second, ST has been given additional advantages in Wizard - powering spells - and ITL (advantages of Great Strength), yet the cost has remained the same. So either ST cost too much in Melee or it costs too little in ITL. In the former case, the original cost was wrong. In the latter case, ST has been increased in actual value, yet cost has not been increased.

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