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Default Tedious Treads

I'd like to see some improvements on how treads are targeted.

An annoyance with targeting treads is that if I commit shots to the tread attack they are used up even if the treads are destroyed by earlier rolls.

Example: an Ogre I need to stop has 25 tread left and I have 57 points of firepower to do it. There is already A LOT of clicking in this game, so just target it all at the treads and let the rolling begin. If I get lucky, I kill the treads off and sometimes watch a bunch of attacks continue to go after the now none existent treads.

Tread attacks are always going to be 1:1. I shouldn't have break the attacks down to small batches to prevent overkill. Once the treads are done for the remain rolls should be freed back up to use elsewhere.

I’d rather not have to micromanage tread attacks. If my primary goal is to immobilize and Ogre, I’d like to be able to just have everything attack the treads until they are destroyed and then have the option to do something else (eg target AP) with leftover firepower. Currently, I’ve found that I need to keep the attacks small enough that I won’t overkill the treads and waste firepower making for many extra clicks and a slower game.

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