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Default Re: [Powers] Chivalry

I have a weak spot for chivalry, so I really love the idea!

Being unhorsed is prevented by Riding and Acrobatics rolls, the former is already covered by the talent so I'd leave it at that. The latter could be covered by incorporating into the talent, like this.

If I may suggest, I'd add something like "Providence" in the form of Destiny granting points to spend on impulse buys. A valiant knight that jumped in front of an innocent to guard them from harm might be fatally struck... or it seemed so until he raises no worse for the wear and quickly dispatches the evildoers (on boring terms, he used sacrificial dodge and failed the roll, but spend destiny point on Flesh Wound).
Edit: Another useful ability that came to mind if Damage Resistance (Limited, Ranged, -20%; Force Field, +20%; No Signature, +20%) or Enhanced Dodge (Limited, Ranged, -20%; No Signature, +20%). I don't have a cool name for it, but the idea is that a true knight is unbothered by pesky projectiles.

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