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Default Re: How to add Monotheism to the Nordlands?

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Religion was used, like marriage, as a way to forge alliances amongst the royal houses of Europe - at least until everyone in an area was basically the same religion. And then it wasn't special any more, because it turns out two kings with the same religion can still hate each other.
As far as I know the religions of the pagan gods like Thor and Odin were more like appeasing them so they wonít cause problems while the Christian religion was much more like what think of when we use clerics in Dungeon Fantasy. The church was a real power while the shrines to Odin and Thor were mostly to make them happy so natural disasters and famines donít occur. Monotheism is a conquering faith that is much better organized for combat and military than the polytheistic faiths. Odin, Thor, Loki, Zeus, and all the pagan faiths are gone now thanks to monotheism. You really canít more Dungeon Fantasy than that.
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