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Default Re: How to add Monotheism to the Nordlands?

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Passing thought - would you place money on the giants siding with the Norse pantheon, or what? And if Ragnarok hasn't happened, there's the World Serpent to contend with as what I would deem a very major actor with no strict affiliations beyond "EAT TREE, DESTROY WORLD".

You don't have to schedule Apocalypse or Ragnarok at the same time as this particular clash, so there's also the interesting thought of asynchronous "end times" and all actors considering bringing about their own end time early in order to settle the issue in their factions favor.
One idea might be to have the Norse gods be local gods who are attached to the world by the world tree. Maybe the Infernal might play both sides and both corrupt the magic in the world so that the the forces of the Divine are forced to destroy it and also encourage the world serpent to eat the world tree to weaken the power of the Norse gods and also bring the trolls and giants into the world.

The Ragnarok could be the destruction of the Norse cosmology by the new monotheistic faith coming in. The trolls and giants would likely have a choice, side with the Infernal or become powerless. The Norse gods might try to stay neutral though and be subject to the forces of the Divine.
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