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Default Re: Altered Time Rate (Locomotion)

For ATR, the Physical Maneuvers only Limitation, I'd price it somewhere around -25%.

This precludes Aiming, Concentrate, Do Nothing Mental (Stun, Surprise, Stunned), Evaluate, and probably Ready. That you're also precluding All Out Defense (Double) and limiting All Out Defense (Increased Defense) to only Dodge isn't that limiting, but it's rolled in as well. (Note you are also removing most Attack maneuvers if the Motive System doesn't have 'appropriate' Strikers, which is a separate expense).

Secondly you're giving it some sort of Aiming/Evaluate Limitation, not allowing Targeting actions to carry over from any 'non-motive' maneuvers. I'd price this as Separate Tracking, -5%.

Secondly you have some sort of Disadvantage on your normal Maneuvers, limiting you from Using any Move maneuver or Step. This precludes Move, Move and Attack, all Steps, Dive and Dodge, and Retreats during Defenses. Also your are setting a skill cap to all actions during movement based on the Drive Train's motive type (Running, Swimming, Acrobatics, Aerobatics, Aquabatics, etc). This is the more difficult portion... I'd be tempted to price this at -20, as I personally find losing Retreat and getting a Skill capping skill to be troublesome.

Honestly, I'd be tempted to roll both the ATR and the Disad together and call it a Meta-Trait: Drive Train, or Separate Motive System, or something. This would put it at 50 points, in line with Compartmentalized Mind, but without CM's extra bene and with a host of drawbacks, but also with a significantly expanded Maneuver repertoire.
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