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Originally Posted by Walrus View Post

The trait I'm interested in was originally intended for centaurs but it may be used for any characters with advanced locomotion system independent from other body parts: wheeled or tracked mechas, winged flyers, octopi and so on.

Altered Time Rate (Locomotion)

You have locomotion system which acts independently of your other body parts. This gives you two maneuvers per turn but with limited scope.

One maneuver involves your locomotion system, so it's either Move (which may be Sprint), Move and Attack (for Slams), All-Out Defense (Increased Dodge) or any kind of Attack if your locomotion system includes manipulators, strikers or can be used as Innate Attack (like jet engine).

Another maneuver can't include any move and can't use your locomotion system in any way. Your effective attack skill is limited by DX-based locomotion skill (Running, Flight, Swimming or whatever) if you moved.

You can't direct your attacks from different maneuvers into different targets unless you also have Enhanced Tracking.

You are likely to have unusual body morphology and limited defense options for differently directed attacks but these are separate traits.
So, how much is such limitation? What should I add or remove for this to be generic?
I'm not sure this is ultimately much of a limitation- you've opened up so many options for what you can do with the ATR that it is very nearly the vanialla version. 'requires skill roll' is -10% and will map well to the skill cap if you always need to roll on it, lack of ability to do all out attack followed by regular attack is perhaps -5%, and the requirement that you identify which 'part' your innate abilities belong to is perhaps another -5%; for a total of -20%

I think if anything that is being quite generous.
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