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Default Re: Will buy: UT2: Revised / Reworked Weapon Tables (Post-Pyramid etc.)

Originally Posted by vierasmarius View Post
This can run into problems in "near-future" campaigns, in which society is transitioning from TL8 to TL9, or facing a more advanced enemy. The alien invaders look a lot less scary when their fancy-shmancy blasters or gauss rifles are outperformed by simple M16s or G36s.

I'd also love a UT Revised, especially if it gave some more weapon, armor, and maybe vehicle design rules (not the full VDS, but an expansion on the Spaceships-based system, for example).
Strangely though some sci-fi seems to have this kind of scenario "fit". In the Stargate franchise, the Earth HT automatic projectile weapons like machine guns seemed at least the equals of the UT energy weapons much of the time. The aliens mostly had the advantage due to non-weapons tech, like personal force shields, occasional mind control, hardier metabolisms, and, of course, having powerful assault vehicles that could fire from the air or from space. When they faced off against the replicators, it was pretty much only the HT weapons that could deter them, with the UT blasters being worse than useless against them.
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