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Originally Posted by Devil_Dante View Post
Well my man, your work is outstanding. First thing first, thanks for your time.
No worries. I did it during breakfast and then lunch instead of doing other things I should be doing (but didn't want to do). This post was typed one hand while juggling a cat and dinner (I have a cat that demands attention while I'm eating at my desk... and his demand is to be cradled like a baby... which takes up an entire arm. Dinner was a burrito that I could cut with my fork, so I'd take a bite, type, pet the cat, take a bite, type... sigh).

As far i've understood, in the simple way, if he uses all extra points (capped with the level bought), he has to heal in order to refill the pool again, or, as you said, they regenerate at the standard ratio.
The Simple Inexpensive Way (aka just pure ER) gives him a pool that he always has, but can only be used once he's taken or dealt wounds. By RAW, this pool refreshes at a rate of 1 point per 10 minutes.

So, for example, if he buys 6 levels, he has a 6 point pool that can't be used until hurt is dished out. Then only as much of the pool is usable as the amount of hurt. So if he smashes someone with an axe and does 6 damage before DR, but is reduced to 2, and then modified to 3 (for being cutting damage), he unlocks 3 points of his pool. Likewise, if he gets stabbed for 4 wounds, he unlocks 4 points. Once the pool is used completely (likely to happen in fights) it takes an hour (1/10m) to completely refill.

You can change this refresh rate to "instant" or "once fully healed" if you wish... unless he is in back to back fights with less than an hour between, it's unlikely to ever really come up. However setting it to "only if fully healed" means he does have to heal and begs the question of "but what if he was never injured?" If you want to reduce bookkeeping, setting it to "fully refreshed for every combat" is perfectly fine, unless he buys and uses like 20 levels. then a little thought might be in order...

The second way is more like i thought about it: there is a maximum cap (the level he decides to buy)...
To clarify, with the Complicate Expensive Way, the "maximum cap" is on how much injury he can use to buy up ER every time he gets wounded.

For example: He buys 3 levels for 15 points. Every time he takes a hit he can buy 1 level of ER. Because every time he gets hit for 3 or more wounds, he gets 3 temporary "character points" that he can use to buy ER, that go away once he or his enemies are no longer wounded. So with 3 levels, and a long enough fight... he can build a tremendous pool (if he has some way to survive being hurt and keeps a foe around to keep wounded...). If he has some method of healing that doesn't use his Threshold and he can keep a wounded foe about, there is no 'real' upper limit (at this point the upper limit is his and his foe's HP limits, and the limit of your patience).

and the pool can go up and down dinamically during the fight(i.e.: he hits for x damage and during the next turn he has x more tally to cast a spell, then he is wounded for y damage and has y extra tally to use).
Yes, this is the advantage of method 3, the Handwavium Simple Way. And yes... it's extraordinarily expensive. But... here's a dirty secret, if you want to, you can reduce the cost.

I was literally going to post a 10 point per level version but looked up Leech just incase and then went with a Leech build.

So if you reduce it to 10 per level, he can buy 3 levels for 30 points, and then every time he takes or deals 3 injury he gains a "Tally Buffer" of 3, which just keeps going up with wounds taken and dealt.

Part of the reason I was sticking with the Leech cost. At 30, it's a heavy buy in, isn't as awesome, but has no 'real' upper limit. The character is very unlikely to every really hit his actual limits (personal and foe's HP totals) and it's actually kinda cheap (I cut the cost of ER by 2/3rd).

Now... side question, are you adverse to setting the upper bound to "Equal to Magery or less at any given moment?" This way you can put a cap on it, use the lower cost (10 to 15 points per level is pretty about 'right' IMO), but at any given moment in a fight he won't have a Tally Buffer higher than his Magery (or Power Investiture if that's what you're using). That keeps accidental munchkinery at bay, and neatly ties his limits back into his Magery (or PI). You can also require him to loudly dedicate his attacks to his God, which is always a bonus (so if he goes to stab someone on the qt, he can't vocally dedicate them to the Blood God and increase his personal power). Both of these would be enough in my opinion to reduce it's cost a bit (but no less than 10/lvl).

The second build is way more cool. The only downside is the cost: quite expansive. For a 6 points pool (like that i think he wishes to have), we're talking of 30 points of DR and 15 points of ER= 45 points. Yes, he could use more the 30 points per fight in this way.
That's not how it works. I hope the above examples have been a better explanation than my previous posts?

Only the Simple Inexpensive Way gives him a set pool with a set cap.

Now, in my setting, i set the starting tally at 20, with 20 of regeneration. According to the thaumatology rules about "increasing threshold: 5 points to increase the pool by 20%", this means 5 points give 4 tally. For regeneration, according to standard rule: 5 points per 5 tally per day.

With 45 points he can buy 20 extra tally per day and 20 regeneration per day.
Your math isn't lining here for me... but assuming it's 1.2 points per Threshold Increase...

That's the other way you can go, let him buy Increased Threshold with "Accessibility: Equal to wounds received or dealt, -10%", which is 11 points for a +10 Threshold, fully usable only if he takes or deals a total combined 10 injury (but partially usable up to the amount of injury dealt).

And then also add Rapid Magical Recovery 2lvls for 10 points.

This means for the day, he has an additional 10 Tally if hurt is dealt out.

Doing it the Complicate Expensive Way or the Handwavium Simple Way and buying Increased Threshold... the problem is Increased Threshold doesn't reduce the Tally when it goes away.

The Complicate Expensive Way and the Handwavium Simple Way really only works if you allow him to buy Tally Buffer... which isn't an option in Thaumaturgy. Tally Buffer is Tally which isn't tracked with his Threshold and goes away on it's own (which is why I was using ER... it's essentially the same thing)... otherwise it's more like 'Temporary HP' which does not reduce the injury a character has taken, just reduces it's impact, until the Temporary HP go away, but the injury remains. Increased Threshold would do the same thing, temporarily increase his increase his Tally Limit during the fight
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