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Default Re: [DF] Threshold magic points

Originally Posted by Devil_Dante View Post
Because of this, i need to set the right price. If the standard cost is 1.2 tally per points, how should this new configuration cost? What modification should i apply?
If that's the direction you want to go...

See my suggestion above but swap out Tally [1.2/level] for ER. So...

Simple Inexpensive Way: 1 point per level.
Complicate Expensive Way: Same cost, except for every point of Damage the Priest takes they can buy 1 level of Buffer Tally.

Handwavium Simple Way, But Keeps The Flavor:

Taste of Blood 30 points for 1st level, 10/level thereafter
When wounded or having dealt wounds Priests of [INSERT GOD] temporarily receive a blessing of increased power. One point of energy (per level) per wound they received or deal until those wounds are healed (or their enemy dies [I recommend until the end of a scene for slain foes, or longer if it's a particularly empowering moment]).

Under the Hood:
Back of napkin used Leech variant and DR (Absorption) to buy 1 level of Buffer Tally (that's 1 point per wound given or received). Going this route is very similar to the Complicate Expensive Way from before, so the Priest can build a large impressive pool as long as he keeps hurting his enemies. A limit I'd bake into this ability is that this power only comes from actual combat, from hurting or being hurt by actual foes, so the Priest can't just let an ally punch his shoulder for five minutes while he builds up POWER OVERWHELMING.

Originally Posted by awesomenessofme1 View Post
Is Does Not Stop Damage a RAW modifier for DR with Absorption?
No. But it's shown up a few times over the years on the boards here and no one has every shouted it down.
Feel free to steal, borrow, fold, spindle, mutilate any rule, advantage, etc I come up with it.

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