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Want to be a Megalan baron?

I have been working on rules for managing i fief or dominion in a feudal and/or fantasy setting, which I need to playtest - there is nothing like a player to find the exploitable bugs in the system;) The rules are still developing, but should be playable. I need two players who will take up the roles of barons in two neighbouring baronies in southern Megalos, not far from the Wazifi border... There are room for other players, if they are willing to take a back seat and accept advisory positions (such as a castle mage, chaplain, one of the knights in the barony, or the immediate family of the baron).

Setting: GURPS Banestorm (4e)
The game will start in the summer of 1988. It will be fast-paced (I hope), consisting mainly of the barons making plans to administrate their fief, and reacting to unexpected happenings. However, I intend for some parts to be roleplayed - such as interactions with other nobles, possible assassination attempts and, if we get far enough ahead, involvement in the border war with Al-Wazif. The barons will have the opportunity to raise or lower taxes, exploit resources, hire or fire retinue and soldiers, influence other nobles and the clergy, building improvements on their land... You name it.

Two barons, built on 250 points. Required qualifications are Status 4 (no more, no less), wealth level at least Wealthy, Savoir-Faire 14+ and Administration 12+. Other than that, you can basically build the barons in whatever way you like; they can be ruthless oppressors or benevolent idealists.
If other characters join in as advisors or part of the retinue, they will be built on 150pt.

If this sounds interesting, send me a PM. You are allowed to come up with your own name of the barony, since it will be used as a form of adress for your characters.
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