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Originally Posted by WaterAndWindSpirit View Post
Task Force Psi: You are exemplary service wo/men from around the world, and displayed minor psionic powers during a crisis that those who know what to look for could notice, and the crisis has been filmed in some way. You are made an offer: Join Task Force Psi, which is kind of a Rainbow Six but with psionic, and fight the Cult of the Exalt, a paramilitary society worshiping psionic powers and planning on setting up a worldwide magocracy, or go back to just being an ordinary soldier and missing the promotion of a lifetime. The Cult of the Exalt has all the cool but impractical powers. Your team has all the subtle-yet-incredibly-effective powers like an ESP based wallhack, or minor technopathy allowing you to sniff out any electronics based trap, and lay awesome ones...
Okay, I've been reading too much fan fiction, and now I can't stop imagining this scene:

Colonel Goings: Now you'll also be trained and evaluated by a few civilian specialists. The civilians are here because they are our very best source of information on abnormal abilities. One of the most qualified is our M.T.A.R.P., callsign Merlin. She is our foremost expert in virtually every field of ability we've been able to document, and she's also a civilian contractor, so you do not salute her. But you'd better listen to her because the Pentagon listens to her about your proficiency. It's all yours, Merlin.

Merlin: No need to stand on such formality, Colonel. Please, call me Twilight Sparkle.
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