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While I'm a big fan of staying with the original IQ limit on talents (and NOT allowing them to be bought with XP), I'd like to suggest an alternative to the common "1.5 or 2 times IQ" system.

Why not allow starting figures to have their IQ plus (say) 2 in talent points? That gives a boost to starting figures without allowing massive increases in available talents.

I also like the notion of decoupling languages from talents entirely.

Or, I think that a starting package of free talents might be a good thing.

The equivalent would be giving a TFT character in a modern setting Literacy, Drive Car and (maybe) Use Computer for free.

In a fantasy setting, you might allow one free mundane talent, and a free one-point talent that fits the GM's campaign conception. Examples would be an extra language, Literacy, Knife, Small Ax talent, another 1 point mundane talent etc.

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