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Default Re: Accumulators: A concept for GURPS Spaceships

Originally Posted by Johnny1A.2 View Post
That's why I said 'vingean singularity level'.

That's the form Vinge thought it would take, but the idea of the singularity is that it's a cutoff point in history, beyond which we can't predict anything meaningful because technology has advanced to the point of obviating everything in our experience. The super-duper-magical AIs might understand the universe so well, after exponential increases in intelligence, that they could make anything happen, leaving us like chimps dealing with humans, or worse.

I have never for a moment believed that the pure Vingean 'computerageddon' was a valid concept, not 25 years ago and not now. Though I've seen reasonable arguments that the period from ~1840 to 1950 could be seen as a transport/communications/warfare 'singularity' from the POV of previous time.
Why specifically Vinge's singularity and not just the singularity? How is it like Vinge's model and not Kurtzweil's or Bolstrom's?
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