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Default Re: New Reality Seeds

Speaking of the English...

Consider Uncleftish Beholding (Roughly, On Atoms), a book on the basics of the standard physical model written purely in English.

How hard can that be to understand? Quite.

At first is was thought that the uncleft was a hard thing that
could be split no further; hence the name. Now we know it is made
up of lesser motes. There is a heavy *kernel* with a forward
bernstonish lading, and around it one or more light motes with
backward ladings. The least uncleft is that of ordinary
waterstuff. Its kernel is a lone forwardladen mote called a
*firstbit*. Outside it is a backwardladen mote called a
*bernstonebit*. The firstbit has a heaviness about 1840-fold that
of the bernstonebit. Early worldken folk thought bernstonebits
swing around the kernel like the earth around the sun, but now we
understand they are more like waves or clouds...
I imagine that in order to build this language into an alternate universe, Britain must dogmatic enough to attempt to erase not only loanwords from contemporary languages, but also to remove inherited Greek and Latin structures...

This begins to look like we should have someone running around in a Guy Fawkes mask... a dogmatic Britain rewriting the textbooks. Since we happen to have a reasonably accurate hard science document here, they'd have to be somewhat near the present day.
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