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Originally Posted by Rysith View Post
Define "Europe". Barring some sort of major, long-term catastrophe people will move in / conquer it because it's got farmland and natural resources. The culture and so on might be completely different, but there will still be 'people in Europe doing things', even if they are more culturally similar to other areas.
Originally Posted by Astromancer View Post
Europe's advantages are pretty good, it would take a great deal to knock it down forever. A harsher Little Ice Age that started sooner and lasted longer combined with changes in Catholic Theology that made all math beyond arithmatic sinful might make a start.


More likely you'd simply get an Islamic conquest, an Islamic European Reformation, and European forms of Islam bitterly attacked by Near Eastern Moslems the same way the Orthodox Christians slam Western Christianity. Europe's geography and resources both promote civilisation and thwart a Universal Imperidum.
The goal I want is a world where europe does not conquer india, southeast asia, and africa while forcing much of east asia to conform to its policies. (the new world is ok though) I want to do this without either depopulating europe OR filling europe's all-conquering role with someone else. (yes, in this case europe basically means england, holland, and france).

I suppose the right twists to the reformation might do the trick... hmm.
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