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Originally Posted by benz72 View Post
I have no idea how much time and effort that all consumes, but it is probably a heck of a lot more than I would be willing to commit.
Some times it's more than others. Some posts are quick and write themselves. Others take real work.

If I were to ask for anything on that score it would be an index of topics/links, since I think the web-page sidebar stuff tends to try organizing by recency or author instead of topic.
I try and tag all my posts with relevant keywords, and the keyword index is sorted by number of posts that I tagged with that key. Since I do keywords as appropriate on a more-or-less forward-looking basis, my options expand over time. I suppose some of the earliest posts (and I'm over 180 right now since Dec 26, 2012 when I started it) could use a keyword refresh.
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