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Default Re: [Powers] How would you model these spooky abilities?

Originally Posted by Mailanka View Post
Soul Gaze

In the Dresden Files, it seems everyone who meets the gaze of a sorcerer has his soul bared to him. This is simple enough: I'd just call it Empathy + Detect (Supernatural Beings) with some limitation reflecting the fact that you have to actually meet someone's gaze to make it work.

BUT! It also lets the other person see YOUR soul. How would you model THAT? Just a nuisance effect?
Well, there are really two separate abilities we are talking about here. Soul Gaze is something similar to a Vulcan Mind Meld. The Sight is the ability a Wizard in the Dresden Universe has to look at the true nature or state of something, seeing them how they truly are. (Sort of a super version of True Sight from D&D).

I'd model Soul Gaze with Mind Probe, something like:

Mind Probe (Invasive, +75%; Malediction, +100%; Accessibility: Can only ask questions about true nature, -20%; Vision-Based, -20%; Backlash, Stunning, Resistible, -25%; Nuisance Effect: Subject learns as much about you as you learn about them, -20%; Alternate Ability, x1/5) [8 points]

Also, using Soul Gaze on something horrible would probably cause a fright check, possibly a really bad one. (Bad enough to drive the wizard insane.)
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