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Default Re: [Powers] How would you model these spooky abilities?

Originally Posted by Sunrunners_Fire View Post
Visualization (Cursing, +100%; Fixed Margin, +0%; Reduced Time 6, +120%) [32]
Visualization (Blessing (Only Others), +0%; Fixed Margin, +0%; Reduced Time 6, +120%) [22]

... takes one second, succeed at roll, target gains a +3/-3 for non-combat tasks and a +1/-1 for combat tasks. ("Fixed Margin" being "Fixed Duration" by another name.) Toss in Link, Reflexive, Area Effect, Aura, Melee Attack (Reach C), Selective Area, Selective Effect and upgrade Blessing (Others) to Blessing (Self and Others) for kicks and giggles.

It isn't unreasonable to allow Reliable to be purchased to modify the margin of success rather than the chance of success.
If you buy two seperate abilities (as above), you can have one blessing and one curse going at the same time. Consider making them Alternate Abilities if you can only do one or the other at a time. I'd also consider adding Cumulative to boost the bonus/penalty.

Powers says you cannot combine Blessing and Cursing in the same ability, but can you do so if you use Selectivity?
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