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Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
It for determining the heliopause, it seems to me that it would share a lot of math with the outer limit radius.
Um, why? I'm not particularly familiar with the outer limit but if it's the greatest distance where planets could form that would be related to density of the protoplanetary disk at a given distance.

The heliopause in contrast is determined by current out of the Sun's solar wind v. the resistance of the interstellar medium. Totally different phenomena and in particular both the snow line and the outer limit would be characteristics of the very early solar system whiel the heliopause would change over time.

It occurs to me just now that not only would the heliopause move in or out as the Sun grew hotter or colder but that the formation of the Local Bubble would change it too.

The Local Bubble is an area around one or more supernovas around 500 ly from Earth that occurred at times I've seen suggested as 300,000 to 30,000 years ago. As the shockwave from these supernovas moved outward it left a much thinner but hotter interstellar medium behind it (i.e. a bubble of hot thin gas). The Local Bubble is now aound 100 ly past Earth.

Before the Local Bubble engulfed the Sol System the local interstellar medium would have been colder but denser. My guess is that the heliopause would have been closer in as it would still be outside the Local Bubble.

Now it seems to me to be inevitable that Azoth-8 has Precursors and I would judge them to be of what might called the "Atlantean" flavor. The entry into the Local Bubble could be what caused the collapse of their space-faring civilization. Perhaps cutting them off from their motherworld. Perhasp not jsut by moving the heliopause but doing soemthing to the waro drive too.

If you want a particular time betwen 30 and 300 thousand years I go I suggest 100k. That's where genetic testing puts a sharp bottleneck in the diversity of the modern human ancestry. That could be the result of the Fall of Atlantis too. :)
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